Invest Using Self-Directed IRA’s

A self-directed IRA can be a great way for an investor to create wealth and diversify beyond the limited options typically found in retirement plans – such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. For self-directed IRAs, and self-directed 401(k)s and real estate IRAs, the range of permissible investments is broad – and it includes real estate investments. So investors can leverage their investing knowledge and self-directed retirement accounts to invest directly in assets they know – including specific real estate transactions. Additionally, self-directed retirement accounts also enable investors to invest in real estate as an asset class in order to diversify a more traditional retirement portfolio against the cyclical changes in the stock market, economy and fixed-income investments.

Arrowpoint offers investment structures that are tailored to self-directed IRA investors. Additionally, Arrowpoint can work with a variety of self-directed IRA custodians to help investors achieve their specific investment goals.”