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Investment Strategy
Arrowpoint Properties targets value-add and core plus apartment communities located in desirable, suburban markets throughout New England. Arrowpoint’s management team typically repositions its properties for marketing to young, working professionals and families that seek quality living and usable amenity space at an affordable price. Each property we acquire will have value-add characteristics such as needed capital improvements, unit and amenity upgrades, improved management, reduction in expenses and other revenue generating projects.

During the review and due diligence process of a property, Arrowpoint’s Principals work diligently with its team to formulate a unique business plan for every property acquired. Because of Arrowpoint’s hands-on approach and strong attention to detail, we are able to quickly execute our business plan immediately upon acquisition.  Arrowpoint’s acquisition process is a team effort utilized to maximize investor returns while carefully focusing on preserving investors’ capital.

A Vertically Integrated Company
  • Acquisitions
  • Asset Management
  • Property Management
  • Construction Management
Arrowpoint has been able to provide superior returns to investors by maximizing its relationships with local, multifamily brokers, sellers and management companies to source acquisitions. As a result, well over 50% of the properties Arrowpoint has acquired have been via off-market transactions.

Acquisition Criteria
Arrowpoint’s primary criteria is to acquire well-located, multifamily assets with a strong value-add component where a significant increase in NOI can be made through capital improvements, unit and amenity upgrades and efficient management.
  • Properties located in the northeast, primarily the New England region. We will also look at qualified properties outside this region on case-by-case basis
  • Class B/C properties (some Class A if economics are attractive) with excellent opportunity for value creation through improvements
  • Underperforming and mis-managed properties
  • 50+ unit assets in highly desirable secondary and tertiary markets
  • $10 million to $60 million total capitalization per property
Arrowpoint’s outstanding reputation and past performance with top, local brokers should give sellers the comfort of knowing that we will close the deal smoothly and efficiently. Our history with local banks, agencies and other debt providers as well as our large database of repeat equity investors ensures a quick due diligence and closing process. If you have a property meeting our criteria and wish to discuss a potential sale, please Contact Us.

Superior Track Record
Arrowpoint Properties has produced a successful track record of creating value in our multifamily properties through Renovation, Repositioning and Rebranding. Investors have benefited from partnering with Arrowpoint, resulting in superior, risk-adjusted returns over the last two decades*

* Past performance is not indicative of comparable future results. Market and economic conditions may change in the future producing materially different results than those shown here. All investments have inherent risks.
** Valuation Increase, IRR and Equity Multiple are based on full-cycle dispositions. LP Return rates are based on full-cycle asset performance.
50.76 %
31 %
2.51 x

Proven Results
Arrowpoint’s extensive and detailed underwriting process, combined with its hands on management style have resulted in returns exceeding expectations. To date, Arrowpoint has successfully exited eight multifamily assets producing an average LP IRR of 31% and a 2.51x equity multiple.

  • Sold
    Rivers Edge
    Rivers Edge
    Hold Period: 35 months
    Valuation Increase: 39.74%
    LP IRR: 32.12%
    Equity Multiple: 2.16x
  • Sold
    Highland Estates
    Highland Estates
    Hold Period: 27 months
    Valuation Increase: 22.09%
    LP IRR: 22.81%
    Equity Multiple: 1.82x
  • Sold
    The Burlington
    The Burlington
    Hold Period: 20 months
    Valuation Increase: 18.81%
    LP IRR: 28.79%
    Equity Multiple: 1.63x
  • Sold
    Lakeview Gardens
    Lakeview Gardens
    Hold Period: 20 months
    Valuation Increase: 31.58%
    LP IRR: 34.52%
    Equity Multiple: 1.81x
  • Sold
    Shawsheen Heights
    Shawsheen Heights
    Hold Period: 20 months
    Valuation Increase: 27.47%
    LP IRR: 34.0%
    Equity Multiple: 1.77x
  • Sold
    Hold Period: 38 months
    Valuation Increase: 67.10%
    LP IRR: 26.0%
    Equity Multiple: 1.97x
  • Sold
    Howard Place
    Howard Place
    Hold Period: 54 months
    Valuation Increase: 111.58%
    LP IRR: 32.0%
    Equity Multiple: 3.20x
  • Sold
    Essex House
    Essex House
    Hold Period: 80 months
    Valuation Increase: 87.74%
    LP IRR: 36.13%
    Equity Multiple: 5.74x
  • Sold
    Lowell Manor
    Lowell Manor
    Hold Period: 36 months
    Valuation Increase: 72.76%
    LP IRR: 45.86%
    Equity Multiple: 3.03x
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