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Verivest Verified

Verivest Verified
Arrowpoint Properties is now “Verivest Verified.” Who is Verivest and what do they do?

Verivest is an end-to-end real estate investment platform designed to bring transparency and trust to middle-market investing. Sponsors undergo deep due diligence on both the Principals and the portfolio holdings before being approved as a Verivest Verified Sponsor. On an ongoing basis, Verivest provides the following oversight:
  • Perform annual institutional-grade background checks on the Principals
  • Ensure investment assets exist and are properly titled on the public record
  • Verify fee and waterfall calculations
  • Review all outgoing cash transactions
  • Identify and disclose any related party transactions
Link for more info on Verivest and Arrowpoint’s interview with them: https://verivest.com/s/arrowpoint-properties
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